Hatha-Yoga head to toe

Mit Nicole Engels

We will practice asanas (postures) and mudras. The course includes warm-up exercises, strengthening exercises, careful stretching of the spine in all areas and  directions, balance exercises, reverse positions. It is important to include all parts of the body – from head to toe – in the practice. The course is supplemented by breathing techniques, which contribute to relaxation and increase breathing capacity, and through concentration exercises. We end the class with a meditative relaxation exercise.

Stimulation of the cardiovascular system
Strengthening of the musculature
Balance improvement
Stretching of ligaments, tendons
Mobility  improvement
Stimulation of the endocrine gland system
Letting go and relax

Difficulty level:
Medium difficulty level, which can be adapted to the needs of the group. Easier and more difficult variants of the exercises are presented, so that the course is suitable for beginners and advanced students.

To bring with you:
Loose fitting sportswear
Yoga Mat

About Nicole

During my studies I enjoyed taking part in Hatha Yoga courses, because right from the start I was fascinated and inspired by the following: No matter how I was feeling – whether stressed out by work, nervous about exams or just inwardly restless and tense – after practising Hatha-Yoga for a while, I immediately felt vital and relaxed, in harmony with myself. With Yoga I could find inner peace. From this came the desire to share my experience with others. That is why I completed a yoga teacher training course 25 years ago and have been offering Hatha Yoga classes for over 20 years.